Unique DVD Authentic Jazz at Preservation Hall

International Band 'Preservation Hall Session' New Orleans


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DVD Production by Workshop Media Ltd.

Musicians :

 Robert Harris (Preservation Hall Band - Trombone)    Darryl Adams  (Preservation Hall band - Alto Sax - voc.)     Patrick Tevlin  (Happy Pals- Toronto, Canada - Trumpet - voc)  Hans "Hassa" Jorgensen Redwing New Orleans Band - Sweden, Banjo)    Knud Lauridson (Denmark - Piano)    Andrew Hall (Society Band of New Orleans - Drums)    Bernie Attridge (Natchez Riverboat Band of New Orleans - Bass)     Brian Carrick  (England - Clarinet-voc)

Tracks : 1.  Girl of My Dreams          2.   Smile Darn Ya Smile        3.     Bells of St. Mary's 4.   Bugle Boy March           5.    Hot Dog Man    6.  Moonlight Bay   7.   Let Me Call You Sweetheart     8.   Bye Bye Blackbird  9.  Second Line  

  Blue Dixie DVD 001

Performance:  60 mins  




Live Session Maple Leaf Club, Oak Street, Garden District Area, New Orleans


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Perfomance Time 72 mins     DVD Production by Workshop Media Ltd               EAN: 0724120072784

International Band with Special Guest 'Tommy Sancton' Clarinet



(1)   Marie   (2)    Pretend  Your Happy When Your Blue   (3)  Tap Room Special    (4) Corrine Corrina   (5)   Rose Room    (6)  In Spain They Say Si Si    (7)  Big Lunch Blues   (8)  I Want a Little Girl    (9)  Si Vous Plait



Musicians :  Tommy Sancton (New Orleans - Clarinet)   Brian Carrick (England - Tenor Sax)   Patrick Tevlin  (Canada - Trumpet)   Robert Harris  (New Orleans - Trombone)   Andrew Hall  (New Orleans - Drums)   Bernie Attridge  (New Orleans - String Bass)   Hans Jorgensen (Sweden - Banjo)


This Session was recorded Live at The Maple Leaf when folks were out for a good time, either meeting friends, Dancing, Drinking at this Typical Nairbourhood Bar / Club.  It was especially nice to see  such Resident New Orleans Great Musicians,  Clive Wilson, Ron Simpson and The Neville Brothers, just popping in to catch the session along with Jazz fans and Locals out for a good time. "Quote Clive Wilson - Just like Kid Thomas at Kohlmans Tavern" Un-Quote