Recorded In New Orleans

Gregg Stafford-Trumpet-Vocal.  Brian Carrick-Clarinet.  Emil Mark-Piano.  Colin Bray-String Bass. Sven Stahlberg-Drums.

I have known Gregg for a long time, in fact from the first time I saw him in Danny Barker''s "Fairview Baptist Band".   This band that Danny Barker put together was a project to get young kids interested in their Musical Heritage, as at that time in New Orleans, it appeared that the younger musicains were turning their back on this Old Time Music, and they wanted something different

However through the efforts of Danny Barker and others  their has been a flowering of New Orleans Old Time Jazz, with the rise of Men like Gregg Stafford who have become World-Wide Jazz Stars. "To Me" Gregg Stafford is the Hottest horn man playing today in New Orleans.

1) Streets of the City  2) Darktown Strutter''s Ball  3) A Kiss to Build a Dream On  4) Doctor Jazz 5) Punch''s Long Distance Blues   6) High Society 7) All of Me  8) Maryland My Maryland  9) Basin Street Blues  10) Indiana 11) Honeysuckle Rose   12) Chinatown My Chinatown 13) Blueberry Hill  14) Gettysburg March


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