Brian Carricks GARDEN DISTRICT BAND 'Live Dance Hall Session'

This band is basically Brian''s "Algiers Stompers" Band, the front line and Banjo are from the "Algiers Stompers", which is joined in New Orleans with the ''Ledgendary'' Malc Murphy on Drums, who for many years was the drummer for the ''Gov''nor''as he was called in England "Ken Colyer", we also have our great friend and wonderful bassman from New Orleans Bernie Attridge with us once again.



1) You always hurt the one you love 2) Am I Blue
3) Silver Bell 4) Oak Street Drag
5) Take these chains from my heart 6) Angry
7) Red sails in the sunset 8) Blue Hawaii
9) Everywhare you go 10) Waiting for the train to come in
11) Baby wont you please come home 12) Save your sorrows for tomorrow
13) On a Coconut Island 14) Tulane Swing
15) The Object of my Affection 16) Put on your old grey bonnet

Derek Winters-Trumpet. Brian Carrick-clarinet, Tenor Saxophone & Vocal. Chas Hudson-Trombone Malc Hurrell-Banjo Bernie Attridge-Double bass Malc Murphy-Drums & vocal


This old Dance Hall sits in the middle of the block facing the road, and is typical of any of the old time Dance Hall of the 1920''s and beyond that used to be all over and around New Orleans.

Firemans Hall was situated at 307, 4th Street, Westwego, and it used to be one of the Stomping Grouds of the "Kid Thomas" Band, where it played neibourhood dances. Then in August 2005 HURRICAN ''KATRINA'' CAME ALONG.


Peter Wright-Trumpet, Brian Carrick-Clarinet,Tenor Sax, Vocal. John Crisp-Trombone, Hans Joprgensen-Banjo, Bernie Attridge-Double bass, Taff Lloyd-Drums

1) Down among the Sheltering Palms 2) Dancing with the one you love
3) Innappitant Love 4) Your nobody''s Darlin but mine
5) Tie me to your apron strings 6) That''s why I love New Orleans
7) Margie 8) Apex Blues
9) When my Dreamboat comes home 10) I''ll be somewhere working for the lord
11)Cry Baby Cry 12) You can Depend on Me
13)Salutation March 14) Have you ever been lonely


Reg Koeller-Trumpet-vocal-Leader. Lester Caliste-Trombone.
Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Sam Mooney-Piano. Tony Pearman-Banjo. Walter Payton-String Bass. Bob French-Drums.

Recorded New Orleans 11th October 1999
Number 504 CDS80 Stereo

1) Lilly of the Valley 2) Creole Love call
3) Sweethearts on Parade 4) Red Sails in the Sunset
5) When my Dreamboat comes Home 6) Ja Da
7) South 8) My Buddy
9) Baby won''t You Please Come Home 10) Washington & Lee Swing
11) Winter Wonderland 12) C C Rider
13) Peg of my Heart 14) Just a Closer Walk With Thee

Algiers Stompers 'Live Session'

Peter Wright-Trumpet. Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Tenor Sax-Vocal & Leader. Chas Hudson-Trombone-Vocal. Gabriele "Gabby" Gad-Piano-Vocal. Malcolm Hurrell-Banjo. Bill Cole-String Bass. Guy Fenton-Drums

Number PEKCD-273
Recorded Bude 29/08/04

1) You''re Nobody''s Darlin But Mine 2) St. Louis Blues
3) Have You Ever Been Lonely 4) Eh La Bas
5) True "I''m Crazy Over YOU 6) Just a Girl that Men Forget
7) Tap Room Special 8) Sweet Emma Barrett
9) Magic Isle 10) By The River of the Roses
11) Bluer Than Blue 12) Are You Ready

Gregg Stafford with Brian Carrick in New Orleans

Gregg Stafford-Trumpet-Vocal. Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Emil Mark-Piano. Colin Bray-String Bass. Sven Stahlberg-Drums.

1) Streets of the City 2) Darktown Strutter''s Ball
3) A Kiss to Build a Dream On 4) Doctor Jazz
5) Punch''s Long Distance Blues 6) High Society
7) All of Me 8) Maryland My Maryland
9) Basin Street Blues 10) Indiana
11) Honeysuckle Rose 12) Chinatown My Chinatown
13) Blueberry Hill 14) Gettysburg March

Record Jazz Crusade JCCD-3053
Recorded New Orleans 10/10/1999

RAY FOXLEY with Brian Carrick + His Heritage Hall Stompers 'Live Session'


Peter Wright-Trumpet. Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Vocal-Leader. Norman Thatcher-Trombone. Ray Foxley-Piano. Sarah Thatcher-Banjo. Horward Worthington-String Bass. Taff Lloyd-Drums. Number PEK PKCD-239 Recorded Marhamchurch Near Bude 27/8/2001

1) Girl of My Dreams 2) Love Nest
3) Running Wild 4) Dinah
5) New Orleans Hula 6) When Your Hair has Turned to Silver
7) Nobody Knows The Way I feel This Morning/ The Old Rugged Cross
8) The Last Mile of The Way 9) Pretty Baby
10) Sunshine In The Shadows 11) Please Don''t Talk About Me When I''m Gone

Brian Carrick- Clarinet-Tenor Sax-Vocal. Malcolm Hurrell- Banjo.
Bill Cole- String Bass. Malc Murphy-Drums.

Recorded "Church Alley 20/02/04
Number Jazz Crusade JCCD-3099

1) Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie 2) Careless Love
3) Golden Leaf Strut 4) Lover
5) Maggie 6) My Josephine
7) Sweet Fields 8) Alexanders Ragtime Band
9) Colliegiate 10) When I grow To Old To Dream
11) Should I 12) In the Upper Garden
13) I wonder who''s kissing her now 14) My Life will be sweeter someday
15) The Eyes of Texas

Derek Winters-Trumpet-Vocal Brian Carrick-Reeds-Vocal
Chas Hudson-Trombone Mike Lunn-Piano Mike Cox-Banjo
Bill Cole-String Bass Guy Fenton-Drums

Recorded Basingstoke 25/6/99
Number Jazz Crusade JCCD-3058

1) You Don''t Understand 2) East Coast Trot
3) Riverside Blues 4) Everywhere You Go
5) It Happend in Bali Bali 6) Let the Grear Big World Keep Turning
7) Its Only a Paper Moon 8) I Don''t See Me In Your Eyes Anymore
9) Over The Waves 10) Springtime In The Rockies
11) Crying Time 12) Mama Inez
13) Anytime 14) Pass Me Not Gentle Saviour
15) Love Letters In The Sand 16) Dreamy Moon of Indiania
17) Who''s Sorry Now

Freddy Lonzo-Trombone Brian Carrick-Clarinet
Reide Kaiser-Piano Emile Mark-Banjo Colin Bray-String Bass
Soren ''Doc'' Houlind-Drums

Recorded New Orleans 12/04.02
Number Jazz Crusade JCCD-3077

1) Deed I Do 2) Making Whoopee 3) Margie
4) Old Rugged Cross 5) In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
6) Big Butter and Egg Man 7) I''m Alone Because I Love You
8) Old Fashion Love 9) Tiger Rag 10) Just A Closer Walk


Pamela Hird-Trumpet Llew Hird-Trombone-Vocal Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Tenor Saxophone Mac MacDonald-Banjo
Mac Rae-Drums John Callaghen-String Bass

Recorded Cumbria 20/05/96
PEK Records PEKCD-054

1) When My Baby Smiles at Me 2) Waiting for the Train 3) Lover 4) Weary Blues 5) On The Road To Gundagi 6) Milk Cow Blues 7) The Highway is A Happy Way 8) Let the Four Winds Blow 9) Just a Closer Walk With Thee 10) Whenever Your Lonesome 11) I''m Glad For Your Sake 12) Deep Bayou Blues 13) Girl Of My Dreams



Recorded Keswick Cumbria 19/05/95 PEK Recording PEKCD-050

Ken Matthews-String Bass Mac MacDonald-Banjo Jeff Milner-Trombone Taff Lloyd-Drums Brian Carrick-Reeds-Vocal Peter Wright-Trumpet.


1) Cari Biri Bin 2) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor 3) Bogalousa Strut 4) God Will Take Care Of You 5) Algiers Strut 6) Cry Baby Cry 7) Let The Rest Of The World Go By
8) Lily Of The Valley 9) Out Of The Galleon 10) That Teasin''Rag

Painting The Clouds with YELLOW DOG 'Live'

Quote " Listening to this CD by "Yellow Dog" has been a very pleasent reminder of my own early days with the 1953/54 band. We were then, just as "Yellow Dog" obviously are now, elated at the opportunity to play this wonderful music" Unquote

Chris Barber February 2006
"Recorded at Live Session"

Recorded 2005 Bude Festival of Jazz
Number PEKCD-287

1) Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet 2) The beer Barrel Polka
3) Born To Lose 4) Uptown Bumps
5) One Sweet Letter From You 6) Chinatown My Chinatown
7) Over The Waves 8) In The Evening
9) Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 10) Valentine
11) Mama Inez 12) Tell The Lord I''m Comming Home Someday

Derek Winters-Trumpet-Leader Brian Carrick-Reeds
Stu Morrison-Banjo-Vocal Dave Soby-Piano
Cees Hoogkamer-Drums John Boyett-Double Bass

Recorded Ivor Potter Hall, Cornwall 01/09/05
Number PEKCD-287

'SHADOWS ON THE TECHE' with Norman Thatcher + Brian Carrick


Recorded Audiophile Studios, New Orleans April 1997 Number GHB Records GHB-375


The" Shadows" is an old Antibellum Mansion House once owned by the "Weeks Family" and is built on the banks of the River Teche, and it resides in New Iberia and in the Jazz Historical World, it is renowed because of its connections to "Willie BUNK Johnson one of the earliest jazz trumpeters.

New Iberia is also today renowed for being the Fictional Home of Detective J.R. from the series of books written about this detective from New Iberia by Author James Lee Burke.

1) Put On Your Old Gray Bonnet 2) Song Of The Wanderer
3) Panama 4) Dall;as Blues
5) Ciribiribin 6) I''ll Always be In Love With You
7) Memories 8) When I Leave This World behind
9) Maggie 10) Peg of My Heart
11) My Buddy 12) Gotta See Mamma Every Night
13) Pass Me Not Gentle Saviour 14) That Teasing Rag
15) Someday Sweetheart

Norman Thatcher-Trumpet. Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Bill Evens-Trombone. Sarah Roofe-Banjo. Bernie Attridge-String Bass. Malc Murphy-Drums.


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