1) Let Me Call You Sweetheart 2) Alice Blue Gown 3) Jelly Roll (I ain''t) 4) Chimes Blues 5) Take These Chains From My Heart 6) Don''t Give Up The Ship 7) In The Valley Of The Moon 8) Isle Of Capri 9) I Wonder Who''s Kissing Her Now 10) Im Confessin 11) Lorena 12) Red Wing 13) The Streets Of London 14) Valetta Rag 15) The Last Mile Of The Way 16) Willie The Weeper

Recorded Fleetwood Lancs 16/03/03 Number PEKCD-219 Derek Winters-Trumpet-Vocal. Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Tenor Sax-Vocal. Chas Hudson-Trombone-Vocal. Bill Cole-Double Bass. Gabriele "Gabby" Gad-Piano-Vocal. Erik Schelandert-Drums. Mal Horne-Banjo.

Running Wild In Toronto - Volume 1 'Live Concert'

Darryl Adams-Alto Sax-Vocal. Brian Carrick-Clarinet.
Fred Vigorito-Cornet. Brian Towers-Trombone. Reberta Hunt-Piano-Vocal. Emil Mark-Banjo. Colin Bray-String Bass. Big Bill Bissonnette-Drums.

Recorded Toronto Canada 10/05/2003
Jazz Crusade JCCD-3089

1) Down In Honky Tonky Town 2) Down By The Riverside
3) Honeysuckle Rose 4) When Your Smiling
5) Bogalusa Strut 6) I''m Your Hot Dog Man
7) Its a Long Way To Tipperary 8) Bye Bye Blackbird
9) Kid Thomas Boogie Woogie

CarrickZ N.O. Band with EDDIE BRUHNER 'Live Session'

1) Bugle Boy March 2) Take These Chains From My Heart
3) Dallas Blues 4) Moonlight and Roses
5) The Old Spinning Wheel 6) Runnin Wild
7) Lover 8) Down By The Riverside
9) St Phillip Street Breakdown 10) The Old Rugged Cross
11) Its Nobody''s Fault But Mine 12) Till We Meet Again

Recorded Tibro Sweden 21/04/04
Blue Dixie Records BDCD-003

Eddie Bruhner-Trumpet-Vocal. Brian Carrick-Reeds-Vocal. Hans Zakrisson-Trombone-Vocal. Sune Linder-Piano. Hans Jorgensen-Banjo. Gunner Smedberg-Double Bass. Lennart Carlsson-Drums.

Gregg Stafford, Freddy Lonzo, Darryl Adams, Big Bill Bissonnette, Fred Vigorito, Sven Stahlberg, Doc Houlind and Many More

Recorded in New Oleans between 1999 and 2003
Jazz Crusade JCCD-3093

A little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That, (An Anthology)

Musicians on this record in various mixes are:- Gregg Stafford-(Trumpet). Peter Wright-(Trumpet). Fred Vigorito-(Trumpet). Big Bill Bissonnette-(Trombone & Drums)). Brian Towers-(Trombone). Freddy Lonzo-(Trombone). Darryl Adams-(Alto Sax). Brian Carrick-(Clarinet). Sven Stahlberg-(Drums). Doc Houlind-(Drums). Malc Murphy-(Drums).Emil Mark-(Piano & Banjo). Roberta Hunt-(Piano). Reide Kaiser-(Piano). Ken Matthews-(String Bass). Colin Bray-(String Bass). Mac MacDonald-(Banjo).

1) When Your Smiling 2) The Bucket''s Got a Hole in It
3) I Want To Be Happy 4) Make Me A Pallet On The Floor
5) Sing On 6) Melancholy (St Louis St Blues)
7) You Can Depend On Me 8) Lead Me Saviour
9) Canal Street Blues 10) Who''s Sorry Now
11) In The Sweet Bye And Bye

New Orleans Dream Team 'Live In Concert'

Recorded Holland & Germany 2005

Gerd Prue-Clarinet and Saxaphones. Gerd Lebbing-Trumpet-Trombone. Gerd Helmecke-Tenor Banjo. Hans Martin Clauss-String Bass. "Palo" Willi Heyde-Drums. Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Tenor Sax & Vocals.

1) Moonlight and Roses 2) You Made Me What I Am Today
3) April Showers 4) Dusky Stevedore
5) Lover 6) Magic Is The Moonlight
7) Beautiful Ohio 8) Just A Stomp At Twilight
9) Over The Waves 10) Blue Christmas

The Church Alley Irregulars

Recorded Nottingham 19/02/04
Jazz Crusade JCCD-3098

Norman Thatcher-Trumpet. Geoff Cole-Trombone. Tony Pyke-Clarinet & Alto Sax. Malcolm Hogarth-Piano. Brian Carrick-Clarinet & Tenor Sax. Malcolm Hurrell-Banjo.
Annie Hawkins-String Bass. Dion Cochrane-Drums

1) I Want To Be Happy 2) Sweet Sue
3) May The Circle Be Unbroken 4) Melancholy Baby
5) Them There Eyes 6) The Beautiful Ohio
7) Dallas Blues 8) Move The Body Over
9) Magic Is The Moonlight 10) St. Louis Blues
11) I''m Alabama Bound 12) Gatemouth
13) Church Alley Blues 14) China Boy

Back On The Road Again In Holland

Recorded by Max Koelemij, Enkhuizen -1/03/99
Blue Dixie Records BDCD-001

Peter Wright-Trumpet. Ron Radford-Trombone. Brian Carrick-Clarinet & Vocal. Auke Veenstra-Banjo. "Mighty" Joe Young-String Bass. Taff Lloyd-Drums

1) Uptown Bumps 2) A Kiss To Build A Dream On
3) Down in Jungle Town 4) The Bells Of St Mary''s
5) Somewhere Working For The Lord 6) Mary Wore A Golden Chain
7) Creole Love Call 8) Tuck Me To Sleep
9) La Marseillaise 10) God Leads His Dear Children
11) High Society 12) Love Nest
13) Beneath Hawaiian Skies 14) You Tell Me Your Dreams
15) Sweet Fields

Waldren 'Frog' Joseph and his New Orleans Boys

Waldren "Frog" Joseph-Trombone. John "Kid" Simmons-Trumpet.
Clifford Brown-Banjo. Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Gerald Frence-Drums. James "JC" Prevost-String Bass-Vocal.

Recorded Sonny Faggart''s Patio, 716 Dumain, New Orleans
Number 504-CDS 65
22nd April 1997

1) Streets Of The City 2) Washington and Lee Swing
3) Careless Love Blues 4) Bugle Boy March
5) Swanee River 6) Old Rugged Cross
7) Let Me Call Yor Sweetheart 8) Lady Be Good
9) St Louis Blues 10) Darktown Strutters Ball
11) I Ain''t Got Nobody 12) Ting-A-Ling
13) I''m Confessin 14) Anytime

Jensens New Orleans Jazz Serenaders

Nan Ehrenstrale-String Bass. Brian Carrick-Clarinet-Tenor Sax & Vocal. Eddie Bruhner-Trumpet. Kurt Jensen-Tenor Sax-Clarinet. Nina Ehrenstrale-Banjo-Vocal. Ronald Andersen-Drums.

Recorded Keswick England 15/5/04
PEK Records PKCD-259

1) Get out of Here and Go On Home 2) Coconut Island
3) Hindustan 4) How Great Thou Art
5) On The Bayou 6) I Can''t Escape From You
7) Corrine Corrina 8) Nyboders Pris
9) Cat''s Got Kittens 10) Crazy
11) South 12) Down By The Riverside
13) The Old Spinning Wheel 14) Joe Avery''s Piece

Heritage Jazz Quartet


Recorded Glossop Jazz Festival 17/6/95
Number Jazz Crusade JCCD-3012

1) In The Sweet Bye And Bye 2) Bucket''s Got A Hole In It
3) An Evening Prayer 4) St.Phillip Street Breakdown
5) God Will Take Care Of You 6) New Orleans Hula
7) Nearer My God To Thee 8) Don''t Do Way Nobody
9) My God Loves Me 10) High Society
11) Faraway Blues 12) Listen To The Mockingbird
13) Dardanella 14) Burgundy Street Blues
15) Slow Drags Boogie

Texas Sam Mooney and His Sunshine Band

Recorded Algiers Louisiana, 12/10/99
Number 504 Records 504 CDS82

Reg Koeller-Trumpet-Vocals. Norman Thatcher-Trombone. Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Texas Sam Mooney-Piano. Tony Peatman-Banjo. Walter Payton-String Bass. Bob French-Drums.

1) It''s A Sin To Tell A Lie 2) Woopin Blues
3) Swanee River Boogie 4) Old Rugged Cross
5) The Shiek Of Araby 6) Hindustan
7) Little Suede Shoes 8) Tin Roof Blues
9) You Are My Sunshine 10) Alexander''s Ragtime Band
11) I Want A Little Girl 12) The Preacher
13) Tonk House Blues 14) Over In The Gloryland
15) Should I Reveal

Music of the Kitty Halls of New Orleans

Derek Winters-trumpet. Chas Hudson-trombone. Brian Carrick-reeds. Mike Lunn-Piano. Guy Fenton-drums. Bill Cole-bass. Mike Cox-banjo.

1) Over the Waves 2) All I do is Dream of You
3) Painting the cloudes with Sunshine 4) By the Old Red Mill
5) The 9th Ward Song 6) Marie
7) Closer Walk with Thee 8) Love Nest
9) Pretty Baby 10) My Memphis Baby
11) Can I sleep in Your Arms Tonight Lady

Recorded 30/8/00
Number PEK Records PKCD-172

Frank Oxley''s Louisiana Sunshine Band
 Frank Oxley''s Louisiana Sunshine Band

Derek Winters-trumpet. Norman Thatcher-trombone. Brian Carrick-Clarinet. Jamie Wight-Piano. Tony Peatman-banjo, Bill Evens-String bass. Frank Oxley-Drums & Leader.

Recorded "Word of Mouth Studio" Algiers.Louisiana 13/10/99
Number 504 Records CDS-84

1) Painting the Clouds with Sunshine 2) Lead Me Saviour
3) All Alone 4) Belleville Street Blues
5) Say Si Si 6) Pretty Baby
7) Anytime 8) On Treasure Island
9) A Fool Such As I 10) Ceilito Lindo
11) Beautiful Dreamer 12) Kid Thomas Boogie
13) I Wonder who''s kissing Her Now 14) Don''t give up the Ship
15) Joe Avery''s Piece

The Algiers Stompers 'Club Session' plays SEND ME SOME LOVING

CLUB SESSION - Send Me Some Lovin     PEKCD-369                                      Peter Wright,  trumpet,   Brian Carrick, clarinet, tenor sax, vocal,   Chas Hudson, trombone, vocal,    Gabrielle Gadd piano, vocal,    Bob Rowbotham,  banjo   Bill Cole string bass,   Dion Cochrane,   drums   


1 Ciribiribin    2  Pretend    3  Do Lord   4  Swingy Little Thingy   5  On a Coconut Island   6  Underneath Hawaiian Skies   7  Gulf Coast Blues   8  Royal Garden Blues   9  When I Move to the Sky   10   You Were Only Fooling  11 Send Me Some Lovin   12   Joe Avery's Piece    13  China  Boy   14  Bye Bye Blues





(1) Girl of My Dreams   (2)  Smile Darn Ya Smile  (3)  Bells of St. Mary's   (4)  Bugle Boy March   (5)  Hot Dog Man   (6) Moonlight Bay    (7)  Let me Call Yoy Sweetheart   (8)  Bye Bye Blackbird  (9)  Second Line


Robert Harris- trombone,  Patrick Tevlin- trumpet,  Darryl Adams- Alto Sax,  Knud Lurridson- piano,  Hans Jorgensen- banjo,   Andrew Hall- drums,   Bernie Attridge- string bass , Brian Carrick- clarinet



Blue Dixie DVD-001 EAN 0724120072777 

Live Session at Preservation Hall DVD


The Maple Leaf Club, New Orleans.

(1) Marie  (2) Pretend  (3) Tap Room Special  (4) Corrine Corrina  (5)  Rose Room  (6) In Spain they Say Si Si  (7) Big Lunch Blues  (8) I want a little Girl  (9) Si Vous Plait

ALSO FEATURES A RETROSPECTIVE ON JAZZ IN NEW ORLEANS   with Tommy Sancton and Andrew Hall, talking about George Lewis and the jazz of yesterday to today


Tommy Sancton- clarinet,  Andrew Hall- drums, Bernie Attridge- string bass, Brian Carrick- tenor sax,  Robert Harris- trombone,  Patrick Tevlin- trumpet


Blue Dixie DVD -002

DVD PAL 16:9 Region Free

The Algiers Stomper's  PKCD-383

         "We'll Meet Again"

Peter Wright tpt,    Brian Carrick clarinet, tenor sax, vocal,   Chas Hudson trombone  vocal,   Gabriele Gad piano, vocal,  Bob Rowbotham  banjo, vocal,  Bill Cole  double bass,  Andrew Hall drums  Recorded November 20th 2013



1.  Red River Valley   2. Smile Darn Ya Smile  3. West Indies Blues   4.When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain   5. The Laughing Samba   6.  Down In Dear Old New Orleans  7. Near the Cross   8 We'll Meet Again   9. Our Saviour's Watching   10.  The Yellow Dog Blues   11.Blue Moon Of Kentucky   12. At A Georgia Camp Meeting  13. Nobody's Darling But Mine  14. Marie Elena   15. High Society   16. Bad Moon Rising    17. Christmas Time In New Orleans.