Recorded by Max Koelemij, Enkhuizen -1/03/99
Blue Dixie Records BDCD-001

Peter Wright-Trumpet.  Ron Radford-Trombone.  Brian Carrick-Clarinet & Vocal.  Auke Veenstra-Banjo. "Mighty" Joe Young-String Bass.  Taff Lloyd-Drums

This recording was with the help of my Friend "Max Koelemij" in Holland, it was on this, the first tour that I had undertaken in over two years, during which time I had been recovering from a near fatal automobile accident, that we decided to call the Cd "On the Road Again"

1) Uptown Bumps  2) A Kiss To Build A Dream On  3) Down in Jungle Town      4) The Bells Of St Mary''s   5) Somewhere Working For The Lord  6) Mary Wore A Golden Chain  7) Creole Love Call   8) Tuck Me To Sleep 9) La Marseillaise  10) God Leads His Dear Children   11) High Society  12) just a Love Nest
13) Beneath Hawaiian Skies  14) You Tell Me Your Dreams  15) Sweet Fields


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