Brian Carrick''s ORIGINAL HERITAGE QUARTET (Jazz Crusade JCCD-30)


Recorded Glossop Jazz Festival 17/6/95
Number Jazz Crusade JCCD-3012

This Quartet is the First of the Quartet Sessions, and includes besides Brian Carrick, Ken Matthews on Double Bass, one of the Finest Old Style New Orleans bass Players to come out of the UK.  

On Drums we have Malc Murphy who was with the Great "Ken Colyer" Band for many years, and appears on many of the Recordings over the years with Ken, "Just listen to how he plays, HE PLAYS the TUNES not just accompanying as many drummers do. "Ken Colyer" had a good ear for a Good Musician.

Finally we have Mac Macdonald on Banjo giving the band the fine Marrero style with a mixture of Emanuel Sayles, listen to his inventiveness and chord structures, here is a banjo player who know the art of New Orleans Banjo playing

1) In The Sweet Bye And Bye   2) Bucket''s Got A Hole In It   3) An Evening Prayer    4) St.Phillip Street Breakdown   5) God Will Take Care Of You    6) New Orleans Hula   7) Nearer My God To Thee   8) Don''t Do Way Nobody  9) My God Loves Me  10) High Society   11) Faraway Blues  12) Listen To The Mockingbird  13) Dardanella  14) Burgundy Street Blues  15) Slow Drags Boogie


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